dedicating my life to a hikikomori and a 2d butler ♡

ZimuinG: 実家にそらる君とT君がご飯食べにきましたっ。

ZimuinG: soraru-kun and t-kun have come to my family house to eat.

soraruru: ご飯おいしい!

soraru: the food is delicious!

soraruru: 美味しい~ RT @ZimuinG: 事務員Gさん特製の麻婆豆腐をお見舞いしてやった!!めっちゃうまくできたぜ!!

ZimuinG: ZimuinG-san’s specially made mapo doufu!! it turned out really good!!

soraru: delicious~

soraruru: 事務員 Gと事務員母のリサイタルなう

soraru: ZimuinG and zimuinG’s mother’s recital now.

ZimuinG: 僕の母親は、そらる君の事を「そらちゃん」って呼んでた。

ZimuinG: when it came to soraru-kun, my mother called him “sora-chan”

ZimuinG: なんだったっけな… 「そっちのあんた」とか言ってたような。RT @_a_mad_hatter_  Tくんのことはなんて呼んでたんですか?

_a_mad_hatter_: what did she call t-kun?

ZimuinG: what was it… she said something like “you over there” 


ZimuinG: she might have said “t-chan”

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