❝ it's going to be okay ❞ 何をしたいのか分からない。。アニメをたくさん見て、漫画をたくさん読んで。 たまに腐女子です、声フェチを持っている。
匿名 asked: About Soraru and the horse mask I watched the stream and he actually played DQ without the horse mask on, just a regular face mask. You can see his eyes!! But at the end he did play some other game with the horse mask on and he was pretty good at it so I think he can see pretty well lol?

ah he played DQ on his iphone twice (the first stream was a DQ/minecraft jikyou and the second stream was on the main stage where they had a mini segment on all the categories) he wore the horse mask halfway through the first stream and had it on throughout the second stream (where he played DQ again on stage) but the thing is while getting on/off stage he needed help and someone had to escort him to the chair since he couldn’t see at all and while playing the game the microphone was placed inside the mouth part of the mask so how on earth did he see the screen??? unless he had the whole thing memorized??? IDK ANYMORE CRIES (/ω\)


The fact that I’m legally an adult is hysterical

Track: Ultraviolence
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Ultraviolence

soraruru: なんか腕にあざがいくつかできてるなー馬のマスクのときぶつかったりしてたからかしらん

soraru: somehow, several bruises have formed in my arm… i wonder if it was because i kept bumping into things while wearing the horse mask

can we take a minute to appreciate soraru playing dragon quest on his iphone while wearing that horse mask