❝ it's going to be okay ❞ 何をしたいのか分からない。。アニメをたくさん見て、漫画をたくさん読んで。 たまに腐女子です、声フェチを持っている。
The thing that hurts the most is the fact that I lied to myself. I wanted things to be good so badly that I made up things to gloss over the bad parts. I know that sounds stupid, but that’s exactly what I did. I actually believed it too. To want is a bad thing sometimes. It gets people hurt. It got me hurt. The world is a lonely place and people will go to great lengths to find someone whom they can be with. Someone who doesn’t think that they’re a creep. Just wanting to be able to talk to someone, that want will make you do some nasty things to yourself.
Henry Rollins

soraruru: 電車でとなりに乗ってる幼女がとてもかわいい 欲しい

soraru: the little girl riding the train next to me is really cute. i want

soraruru: 子どもの髪の毛って細くて柔らかそうでかわいいですよね

soraru: a child’s hair looks thin and soft. it’s cute isn’t it~

soraruru: 年取る毎に子どもが可愛く思えるようになるのは生物の本能なのかな 昔はそんなに好きじゃなかったんだけどな

soraru: i wonder if it’s the instinct of an organism to think that “children are cute” as they grow older. i didn’t like them that much in the past.

Track: [ピアノで弾いてみた] unravel
Artist: Ling Tosite Sigure
匿名 asked: Can I ask who is on your icon?

he’s an utaite called soraru! (´∀`)/